Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Museo Nacional de Antropología

On Saturday I headed to the neighborhood of Roma Norte to meet my co-worker. We got brunch and then walked to the National Anthropology Museum.

The weather was nice (well cloudy, but it wasn´t raining at least), so it was ok when we got a little bit lost. I have realized that even when a route looks direct on the map, do not be fooled, you will get lost.

The Anthropology Museum is huge with tons of stuff to see. I think we were there for around four hours. I took a lot of pictures, so enjoy!

Chilaquiles, my favorite!
The cafe where I had my first chilaquiles in Mexico, needed to document it.
A park in Roma Norte.

Entrance to Chapultepec Park (the museum is near the park).
Middle of the Museum.

After all of that we decided to treat ourselves to a relaxing drink. Being a tourist can be exhausting!

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