Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fancy Salmon

So, Argentinian steakhouses seem to be a thing here. I have been out to eat four times since I got here and three of those times were at Argentinian steakhouses. Luckily they serve delicious salads and empanadas.

Last week I decided I was tired of salad, since I have it for lunch basically every day, so I ordered one of the house specials, which was a salmon carpaccio. I was expecting some thinly sliced raw salmon. When I asked the guy if it was a lot of food he said no, so I ordered an empanada and some french fries to go with it.

When I actually got my food it was really entertaining. They set up a little tray next to the table with a bunch of toppings, lime juice, and olive oil and got to work. The waiter diligently and slowly sprinkled capers, onions, hard boiled egg, and salt on top. It must have taken 15 minutes. He finished it off with a super fancy drizzle of olive oil using a spoon and fork. I need to learn the technique!

Well, it came with bread and turned out to be a lot of food. Definitely didn´t need the french fries! I prefer my salmon plain with some capers, but it was worth it to watch.

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